Kyoufu no Maou Heika Datta noni Hanayome ki Xuxun: Ga Tomarimasen!

Kyoufu no Maou Heika Datta noni Hanayome ki Xuxun: Ga Tomarimasen!


Summoned to an alternate realm, a young woman finds herself offered to the Demon Lord in a twist of fate. Expecting the worst, she discovers a surprising truth - the feared Demon Lord is actually a charmingly innocent individual, and to her astonishment, her first love. As their relationship blossoms, they embark on a whirlwind journey that leads to an unexpected marriage. Contrary to his menacing exterior, the Demon Lord reveals a tender and caring side, showering his new wife with affection and unwavering devotion. Together, they navigate the challenges of married life, filled with passion and endearing moments that bridge the stark contrast between appearance and character. Amidst the backdrop of their unconventional romance, the Demon Lord's unwavering love and boundless energy create a heartfelt and comedic tale of newfound love and companionship.

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