Hoegwihaetdeoni Gamuni Manghaetda

Hoegwihaetdeoni Gamuni Manghaetda


Born into a prestigious lineage of swordsmen, I swiftly surpassed all in strength. Despite my prowess, I couldn't thwart the calamity of the dragons that ravaged the continent. As I faced my demise, resigned to the end, a strange twist transported me back to a starkly altered past. Bewildered by my mana-less form and the transformed landscape, I grappled with the baffling changes: a vanished castle, a surprising peace treaty between dragons and humans, and a once-flourishing family now teetering on collapse. With my legacy in tatters and my powers null, I resolved to navigate this unfamiliar realm. A legendary swordsman reborn in a parallel universe, poised to rewrite his destiny.

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