Shinitagari no Shannon, Dragon ni Taberaretemita

Shinitagari no Shannon, Dragon ni Taberaretemita


Shannon, a mage with the appearance of a beautiful girl, is traveling around the world. The purpose of her journey—to find a way to die! A long time ago, due to an accident, she became an immortal who would neither age nor die. She decided that she has lived long enough, so she heads out to find a way to end her life, however unlikely. When she encounters a ferocious dragon, she tries to bait its attack; when she encounters an untested drug, she willingly volunteers to be a test subject; when she encounters an unexplored dungeon full of traps, she tries to walk right into them! But she's still alive, because she's immortal! There must be a better way to die somewhere in the wide world, and Shannon continues her journey to find out!

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