Watashi no Yuri mo, Eigyou da to Omotta?

Watashi no Yuri mo, Eigyou da to Omotta?


“I wonder what Karin-sama is up to these days…” Half a year after her favorite idol Shoutsuki Karin’s retirement, young but successful voice actress Senguu Suzune still had yet to recover. But one day, a newbie voice actress arrives at her agency—That very Karin-sama! While delighted at this unexpected reunion, Suzune opts to keep a calm head and a comfortable distance between the two. To her shock, however, Karin aggressively approaches Suzune on every possible occasion. Was Suzune simply being used at Karin’s convenience? They seemed to be getting along as just colleagues at work, but as time passes on, Suzune starts to see a different side from the idol Karin she knew. Will they remain as business yuri partners, or is there something else waiting at the end of the line for them…?

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