Replica Datte, Koi wo Suru.

Replica Datte, Koi wo Suru.


On days when she is sick, on days when she has tedious chores, on days with quizzes....... On days when she is too lazy to go to school, I am called upon. I am a convenient substitute for the body of a girl named Sonao Aikawa. I may look exactly the same, but my personality is a little different. I can't go around freely, I can't even make plans for tomorrow, I am a replica whose mission is to obey the wishes of the original. I was supposed to be just a replica, but then I fell in love. To make him recognize me, I put my hair up halfway. I skipped school to go out with him. Just the two of us, in secret. And we promised to meet tomorrow, the day after, and beyond. My name, my body, everything was borrowed, but this love is mine and mine alone. A very pure and slightly mysterious "first" love story that takes place in a town by the sea.

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