Murimsega Cheondaebanneun Sonnyeo Ttari Doeeotda

Murimsega Cheondaebanneun Sonnyeo Ttari Doeeotda


In a martial arts novel, a devoted teacher mentors an arrogant male protagonist, ultimately triggering a transformation through a tragic event. Despite being handsome, righteous, and strong, the teacher harbors a significant flaw—his avaricious daughter, a persistent antagonist in the protagonist's life. After the teacher's demise and a tarnished reputation, the protagonist finds himself reincarnated with a chance to rewrite his story. Determined to save his father this time, he is caught off guard by unexpected familial protectiveness and newfound romantic interests. As the plot unfolds, unexpected alliances and confessions blur the lines of enmity, leaving the protagonist grappling with unexpected changes and questionable intentions from those around him.

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