Isekai Ohoushi Kiroku

Isekai Ohoushi Kiroku


Two years have passed since she suddenly transmigrated to another world on her way home from work. Rin Tachibana, a young woman uninterested in romance, was working as a clerk for a group of swordsmen and enjoying a peaceful life, when she received a top-secret request from the king and the head of the border guard, asking her to serve a certain man. That man is Oscar Garland, a brave and handsome knight, admired by men and women of all ages! But to Rin, he is just "an extremely rude man whom I never want to see again." Why would she serve such a horrible man– What? If she doesn't do it, his life will be in danger? Persuaded that it was an act of therapy, she reluctantly agreed to the job. Although it was only suppose to be for healing, Oscar's lustful reaction stirred her heart, which she thought had withered away, and before long she was absorbed in the "service," and she was aggressively attacking Oscar...

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