Moshi Moshi? Watashi Smartphone desu ga Nani ka?

Moshi Moshi? Watashi Smartphone desu ga Nani ka?


Ding-dong! "Hello, is this the residence of Tameaki Hibiya?" On my birthday, my birthday present is a beautiful girl-shaped smartphone "Extra," the latest model with ultra-high performance! After registering my new phone with the exciting "lip print authentication" process, we are now always together "because it's a smartphone". When I arrived at school as a new transfer student, she exchanged contacts with everyone in the class with a "Purupuru Dance" and became very popular, even if nobody noticed me. She won't show me the messages she receives (she only reads them out loud), and the alarm function is useless, but she has made new friends, and makes every day exciting.... A glamorous new boy-meets-girl romantic comedy brought to you by a smartphone in the shape of a beautiful girl!

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