Taiga no Mori no Karigurashi

Taiga no Mori no Karigurashi

romanceslice of life

Olga, an unparalleled beauty and a skilled hunter. Mikhail, a boy with noble blood but living as a baker in a working-class neighborhood. The two of them met in a snowy taiga forest and decided to enter into a contractual marriage for their mutual benefit. The wife hunts for meat and fur, while the husband protects the home and prepares meals, waiting for his wife to return. They complement each other's deficiencies and deepen their bond, sometimes having misunderstandings... And today, they continue to enjoy delicious Eastern European cuisine, savoring it with relish. This is a story of a quiet love that makes you want to protect, nurtured by the harshness and blessings of the great outdoors.

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