Yuusha ni Naritai Shoujo to, Yuusha ni Narubeki Kanojo

Yuusha ni Naritai Shoujo to, Yuusha ni Narubeki Kanojo


"Will you marry me?" "I have nothing against you, but I must decline your marriage proposal." Following the end of the war between mankind and demons, a school which raises heroes who make use of the magical tools called 'gear' was founded. It is at the capital where the daughter of the demon lord, Ruchika who longs to become a hero and wishes to enrol in the school for heroes, and the daugther of the hero who felled the demon lord, Leonie, have a fateful encounter. Having feelings for Leonie, Ruchika brazenly asks for her hand in marriage in the middle of an exam. Although bluntly rejected, Ruchika, undeterred, heads to the school of heroes for one more shot at building a connection with Leonie... And so begins a girl meets girl story between two girls with not so normal familial background set in a school fantasy!

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