Seidorei-sama-kei Kanojo Ikinari Goshujin-sama ni Saremashita

Seidorei-sama-kei Kanojo Ikinari Goshujin-sama ni Saremashita


In a world governed by the controversial Sex Slave Law, Yusuke finds himself in a unique position as the master of Mirei, a senior girl he admires. Initially resistant to Yusuke's innocence, Mirei attempts to assert control over him, leading to unexpected encounters and intimate moments. As their unconventional relationship unfolds, Yusuke introduces Mirei to a world of dominance and submission, exploring themes of pleasure and desire through various encounters. Their journey culminates in a surprising turn of events, promising a future that defies conventional norms. Brace yourself for a joyous celebration and newfound commitments in this unconventional love story.

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