Hanma no Ryuukishi wa, Henkyouhaku ni Shuuchaku Sareru

Hanma no Ryuukishi wa, Henkyouhaku ni Shuuchaku Sareru


In the mystical Kingdom of Niels, where majestic dragons soar through the skies, Kyle, a knight with a mysterious heritage as a 'half-demon' blessed with the ability to converse with dragons, unexpectedly reunites with his former flame, Alfred. Despite bidding a silent farewell to his beloved three years prior, Kyle's heart has remained tethered to Alfred. Now, fate has placed them on divergent paths: Alfred, once Kyle's superior, now holds prestigious titles while Kyle serves as a humble knight. Burdened by a concealed truth he dare not unveil to Alfred, Kyle strives to maintain his distance. However, Alfred, unwilling to let go, refuses to allow their bond to fracture. Will their intertwined destinies lead to reconciliation or further heartache?

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