Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

Katekyo Hitman REBORN!


Tsunayoshi Sawada, known as 'No-Good Tsuna,' leads a chaotic life with dismal academics, poor fitness, and a lack of social connections, especially heartbroken by his crush's existing relationship. Little does he know, he carries the bloodline of Giotto, the esteemed Vongola the First. His world transforms when Reborn, a baby claiming to be the ultimate hitman, arrives as his home tutor. Tasked by Vongola the Ninth, Reborn aims to groom Tsuna into a worthy Vongola successor. Despite Tsuna's reluctance to embrace his mafia heritage, a gripping tale unfolds as the world's top hitman confronts this defiance. Will Reborn compel Tsuna to accept his fate, or can he leverage Tsuna's resistance to their advantage? Follow Tsuna's journey as he navigates the daunting path to assume the mantle of the underworld's leading mafia boss, aided by loyal friends and his extraordinary mentor.

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