Initial D

Initial D


In the realm of Akina, rumors swirl about the enigmatic 'Ghost of Akina,' a phantom driver with unmatched speed along the treacherous Akina Pass. Veiled in mystery, this elusive figure pilots a white Toyota AE86, shattering records without ever revealing their identity. Amidst this legend, Takumi Fujiwara stands apart from his peers, indifferent to the allure of cars despite his routine deliveries of tofu at dawn. Unfamiliar with the world of street racing and its vibrant subculture, Takumi's perspective shifts when he confronts a rival racing team at Akina Pass one fateful night. Driven by impulse, he seizes the wheel of his father's AE86, plunging headlong into a race down the familiar slopes. This impulsive act ignites Takumi's unexpected odyssey, propelling him from a mundane routine to a realm of adrenaline-fueled drift racing. As Takumi navigates this new landscape, he unlocks a passion for street racing, pitting himself against a myriad of adversaries eager to test their skills against the infamous Ghost of Akina.

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