Kitchen no Ohimesama

Kitchen no Ohimesama


Najika Kazami, a devoted food enthusiast, cherishes her home at Lavender House orphanage in Hokkaido and its caretaker, Hagio. Driven by her passion for cooking and dreams of becoming a pastry chef, Najika leaves her beloved orphanage to enroll in a prestigious academy in Tokyo. In addition to pursuing her culinary aspirations, Najika seeks the 'Flan Prince,' a boy who left a lasting impression on her with a cup of flan years ago. As she discovers a clue connecting her past to Seika Academy, where she is now a first-year student, Najika encounters initial resistance from classmates due to her love for food. Despite this, she finds encouragement from Daichi and Sora Kitazawa, two boys who appreciate her culinary skills. Can Najika navigate the challenges of fitting in at the academy and uncover the identity of her mysterious Flan Prince?

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