Trinity Blood

Trinity Blood


In a post-apocalyptic world, humanity faces off against the bloodthirsty Methuselah vampires following the emergence of a second 'Vampire's' moon. Esther Blanchett, an orphan nurtured by the Church of St. Matthias in Istvan, crosses paths with Abel Nightroad, a seemingly mild-mannered priest tasked with protecting the Vatican from threats. Little does she know, Abel harbors a dark secret as 'The Crusnik,' a vampire who feasts on his own kind and serves as the Vatican's ultimate weapon. Esther's tranquility shatters when her sanctuary is destroyed in a treacherous attack orchestrated by her once-trusted companion, Dietrich. Left with no refuge, she joins forces with Abel and the enigmatic Tres Iqus, a mechanical being posing as a human, embarking on a perilous journey to Rome in search of answers. As they confront obstacles and unravel Abel's mysterious past, the trio must brace themselves for a tumultuous path filled with revelations and challenges.

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