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Mugen no Roukaku

Mugen no Roukaku

comedy · drama

1. Mugen no Roukaku (夢幻の楼閣) Like the famous Chinese beauty he played on the stage in the Peking opera "Farewell My Concubine", Hien longed for a love worth dying for. Will Seijo, a foster son of an eunuch, fulfill Hien's wish? 2. 2-ri Kiri no Harem (2人きりのハーレム) Upon founding their nation, Genko-sama suddenly declared of building his own harem, what will Josei do? 3-4. Kakugo Kimen Kai! (覚悟決めんかい!) Comedic one about a yakuza-wannabe and a policeman. 5. Hametsu no Yakata (破滅の館) Prequel oneshot of the merchant Saimon (Cimen in this manga) of Kinpeibai Kinden Honoo no Kuchizuke.

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