Yesterday wo Utatte

Yesterday wo Utatte

dramaromanceslice of life

Fresh out of college, Rikuo Uozumi finds himself drifting without a clear career path, opting to work part-time at a convenience store to make ends meet. His mundane existence takes an unexpected turn when two women enter his life: Shinako Morinome, a former classmate he still harbors feelings for, and Haru Nonaka, a quirky high school dropout accompanied by a pet crow. While Rikuo yearns for Shinako's reciprocation, she grapples with personal issues that inhibit her ability to love. Meanwhile, the exuberant and direct Haru openly displays her affection for Rikuo. Balancing his desire for Shinako's heart with Haru's vivacity, Rikuo navigates a newfound dynamic that disrupts his quiet routine, offering a glimpse of excitement amidst the ordinary.

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