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Delve into the charming world of 13-year-old Shirley, a maid navigating life in England at the turn of the century, in yet another delightful creation by Kaoru Mori. Volume 1 not only follows Shirley's daily adventures but also includes two additional tales: 'An Afternoon with Nelly and Me' and 'Mary Banks.' 'Mary Banks' spins the tale of a maid whose mischievous master filled her days with pranks and jests. However, when tragedy strikes and the master unexpectedly departs, Mary Banks faces an uncertain future. Originally published as a fanzine in 2000-2001 under the title 'Shirley Medison,' these stories were later compiled into the 2003 release 'Shirley' by Enterbrain. CMX's translation renamed the protagonist as 'Shirley Madison.' The narrative continued with 'Shirley Medison' in 2006, featuring two chapters, followed by additional installments in 2010, 2013, and 2014. Finally, in 2014, all 'Shirley Medison' chapters found their place in 'Shirley' volume 2.

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