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drama Β· psychological Β· sci-fi

Jiro Matsumoto's collection of 7 short stories involving many bizarre themes including his first attempt at making an erotic short. 1) Yure Tsuzukeru (γ‚†γ‚Œγ€γ₯ける, Keep on Vibrating); Manga Erotics Vol.4 2) Hirugao (γ²γ‚‹γŒγŠ, Morning Glory); Manga Erotics Winter 2000 3) Fukashin Kodama Iki (不可価魎域, Land of the Sacred Spirits); Kowloon Vol.1 4) Sanpol to Krezol (ァンポーラとクレゾーラ, Sanpol and Krezol); Manga Erotics F Vol.10 5) Neko Matsuri (猫η₯­γ‚Š, The Cat Ritual); Manga Erotics F Vol.27 6) GIVE AND TAKE ; Manga Erotics F Vol.29 7) Hardboiled Sakata (γƒγƒΌγƒ‰γƒœγ‚€γƒ«γƒ‰ε‚η”°); Manga Erotics F Vol.30

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