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SWEET: Kare no Amai Amai Aji

SWEET: Kare no Amai Amai Aji

romanceslice of life

Odaka Yuushi works as a salesman for a marketing distributor, but secretly, he's obsessed with the delicious pastries offered exclusively as a "special service" by the restaurant at the Royal Fort luxury hotel. When the opportunity arises to approach the hotel about a contract to distribute their sweets, Yuushi jumps at the chance... but just what kind of price will the younger son of the owner demand in return for granting the contract? Includes the one-shots: - Kimi wo Tsunaide Kiss Shite Dakishimete (I'll Tie You Up, Kiss You, and Fuck You) Shino and Sumitaka have been dating eight months, but Shino hasn't been able to bring himself to take the last step in their sexual exploration. Shino finally gives in, and Sumitaka takes it upon himself to make sure Shino can't back out once they get started. But will Shino forgive his boyfriend when he wakes up restrained, chained to the bed? - Cosplay Cafe ni Youkoso (Welcome to Cosplay Cafe) Kanbara has an unrequited love for his classmate, Shindou. Their class has to cosplay as girls in a cafe style, and Shindou realizes Kanbara's feelings in the costume room. Nice and steamy.

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