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Ai no Geboku-tachi

Ai no Geboku-tachi


A Collection of short stories: 1-2) Ai no Geboku-tachi Keigo and Gunji are both stubborn and prideful men who didn't realize their mutual love for each other until years later when both ended up in the same hot spring together... with their kids!? Will they come to terms with their feelings for each other? 3) Sweet Honey Drops Gunkichi and Keita (the kids) are growing up and falling in love. 4) Act. For Ryouchi it's love at first sight with actor Sou Seiji. Getting a job near his idol is the first step for Ryouchi, but of course, Seiji is not the person Ryouchi thinks he is. 5) Dandy at Dawn Newspaper writer Tetsuya manages to implode his big city life and has to move back to the country. Waiting for him is neighborhood boy Kyosuke who's gotten much bigger in his absence.

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