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Buchou to Takeda-kun

Buchou to Takeda-kun


1) Buchou to Takeda-kun Taku is in love with his childhood friend Hiro, so when he's invited to Hiro's house whilst his parents are away he plans to do something about it. However, it seems Hiro has something similar in mind! 2) Yume Miru youni Dakaretai Iizuka Kunio is facing middle age and is not going without a fight, especially since his younger subordinate Takeda-kun has been at his office. 5) Asayake no Anchikushou "Soap" was the name of a place where Motoki whored himself to homosexuals. He hadn't expected to work there permanently, but circumstances had left him to stay. Life wasn't that great, but a meeting with Jiro from the tofu shop changed that. And after that it seemed as though chance and kindness slowly weaved them into each other's life. 6) Seishun Nano Missile Heaven (The Attack of the Youth Missile) A oneshot concerning friends since elementary school, and it's time for a birthday celebration. Both boys seem to have their "gift" in mind. Who gets the gift? Who gives the gift? Who is the main course for dinner? 7) GINO

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