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Aisubeki Dokusaisha

Aisubeki Dokusaisha

comedy ยท hentai ยท romance

A collection of stories: 1-3) Natsu no Sasayaki (Whisper's of Summer) Student council president Takamura Misugu calls his chilhood friend Manaka Shuwaji out from his classroom everytime... just for "that"!! Though everytime Shuwaji tries to defend with all his might, but in the end would always go Mitsugu's way! But one day, the vice president gave Shuwaji a stack of photos, which are of Mitsugu and his H moments...! 4) Waiting for You from a Far Student council vice president Takeda (introduced in the first story) and Shibazaki, the young school doctor, are having an affair. Shibazaki knows Takeda is about to graduate and will probably leave him behind and go on with his life, so Shibazaki decides to break up with Takeda before that happens... 5) Dark Night Flower A doctor treats a sickly young boy who lives in a creepy old house. The boy's father recently passed away but it seems his spirit is not quite gone yet? The doctor is determined to help. Warning: tentacle rape. 6) The ad-lib sex a senior student who is excited by porno video of cat-ear and his junior student 7) Before wedding, hero's friend at school confesses "his love after 7 year" to hero.

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