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hentai · romance · supernatural

A collection of hentai stories from Shiwasu no Okina's past works dating since 1999. A great cosplay themed title involving sex with female police officers, girls with glasses, sexy women in kigurumi (full body) costumes, and many times in their normal skin tight street wear making them all the more delectable. Contents: 1-2. Jokyoushi Chuuzenji Ayano no Inutsuna Korekara (女教師中善寺綾乃の淫鬱なこれから); Comic Aun 2005-10, 11 3. Kyokon wa Shoubai nari! (巨根は商売なり!); Comic Aun 1999-04 4. Sousa e-gakari Ishihara Miina!! (捜査e係石原魅奈!!); Comic Aun 2003-11 5. Yoshimoto! (ヨシモト!); Comic Aun 2003-01 6. Shohousen (しょほぅせん); Comic Aun 2001-05 7. LOVERINTH ; Comic Aun 2000-02 8. PEACH Kateikyoushi (PEACH家庭教師); Comic Aun 1999-11 9. Omake (おまけ); kakioroshi

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