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Karamete de Kudoite

Karamete de Kudoite

hentai ยท romance

Volume 1: 1-3) Take Care about Neighbor Togawa is quietly living his life when neighbor, Tone, seems to come rushing in. Their chance encounter in the hallway and then mixing up the mail seems to bring them closer together. But how close is too close? 4-7) Pursuing the Realist Jade Muto has moved back to Japan after years of living in Italy. Best friend Yuusuke Mikami takes him to lunch, where Atsurou Miyazoe serves them lunch. But Jade wants to be served more than just lunch. With a little help from Yuusuke, will Jade be able to win the heart of Atsurou? Volume 2: Tone is back with more ways to satisfy Yuki-chan! And with the new editor-san, do we get to see more this time? Volume 3: V3 continues from the couple we saw at the end of V2, the editor, Takatou, and Yuki-chan's classmate, Dai-chan. "Do you want to sleep with me?" A light joke with only a tenth of true intent from Takatou, Dai-chan actually agreed to it. Will Takatou really do it? A cameo of Mikami and Rui in the extra. Volume 4: Tone and Yuki-chan are back! With the appearance of our new rival, Heath, will Yuki-chan waver? What would Tone do to take charge of his Yuki-chan? Dai-chan was taking care of the sick Takatou when he gave him aphrodisiac instead of cold tablets. After a night of torturous fun play, Dai-chan got sick instead. What would be the destiny of Takatou when he gave aphrodisiac to Dai-chan out of revenge? Volume 5 Tone's nephew, Aoba, had came to stay with Tone. However, having a uncle-complex, Aoba didn't approve of Yuki-chan, Tone's choice if bride. And almost inevitably, Aoba, ran into their love-scene. Under extreme shock, Aoba run off the house and straight into Heath's arms. Would he able to resist Heath's unrelenting pursuit...?! Here begins Heath x Aoba story... Volume 6 The strangest thing happened, Tone-san fell asleep (!!) in the middle of H-action? Worried about his health, Yuki-chan made a big decision...?! Also, an all cast story of Karamete characters going on a trips...Yuki-chan witnessing Heath x Aoba and Takatou x Dai-chan making out...?! Here came the latest edition of the most anticipated series!!

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