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Candy Girl

Candy Girl

comedy · fantasy · hentai · slice of life

1. It's A Prize Beyond My Reach. They grew up together, lovely Umesawa and dorky Ototake. He loved her, but it was hopeless. Then while helping her with cleaning duty he noticed she wasn't wearing any panties... 2. Spider Sis. His sister always spies on him. She sees him with a girl and runs away. But then he comes home to find her sleeping on the floor... 3. Contact. Boisterous--yet sexy--Fujisaki catches classmate Okada peeping on girls. Okada avoids her for the rest of the day. After school she waylays him and drags him off to a nearby park. Turn's out she's always been curious about Okada--without his pants on! 4. Pussy Food. A lovely woman finds a boy in box wearing a cat suit and takes him home. A dab of margarine in the right spot gets him going... But is he just a boy? 5. Lil Sis Fetish. She's going to save her onii-chan from being otaku if it's the last thing she does. But then she agrees to cos-play for him just once... 6. Rain Witch. He found her in the pouring rain, alone, silent, wearing only a nightgown. He couldn't leave her there--was it pity, or raw lust? 7. Metamorphose. Handsome and popular Takafumi ignores plain Miho. She drags him into a storage room to get her revenge. But he doesn't seem to be really resisting... 8. Crazy About Brother. Finally she's got the Whoopee Dancer, a new toy sensation. She runs up to her room to try it out. Then her brother hears her scream and comes running to help her... 9. Young Boy, Young Girl. Girl sneaks out to an old shed in the schoolyard. Boy follows to spy on her and is shocked by what he sees. 10. Future Cat Anaemon. In this parody of Doraemon bullied Tsuyoshi seeks help from cute Anaemon who gives him a Slave Gun. To make sure it works Tsuyoshi uses it on Anaemon...

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