Little Darling

Little Darling


Celestia and Hades--mystical realms inhabited by angels and demons. It is these supernatural beings' duty to watch over the human realm, making sure we are neither too good nor too bad... Kaie is just another demon trying to rise up in the ranks of demon society by working in the human world. Unfortunately, he's got one major thing going against him: his body, which looks like a man's but is actually hermaphroditic! Luckily for him it isn't permanent, and Kaie (with every intention of becoming a splendid man) has waited his entire life for the day when his sex would be decided one way or another. But his plans hit a roadblock when he unwillingly gains the affections of Daina, the heir to the Celestial throne who happens to suffer from an unusual condition that alters his appearance depending on the time of day. Will Kaie's dreams of becoming a real man fade when the charming angelic heir is so insistent on making Kaie his wife? Matsuri Kouzuki's two-part comedic romp takes us into a world full of beautiful angels and sensual demons. Making hilarious use of some of the staples of the genre we've all grown to love, Little darling is a silly and steamy tale that is sure to entertain yaoi lovers looking for a bit of fun! *taken from back of novel*

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