Kamigami no Itadaki

Kamigami no Itadaki


In the year 1924, two intrepid mountaineers, George Mallory and Andrew Irvine, set out on a monumental quest to conquer Mount Everest, aiming to be the first to reach its peak. Tragically, they vanished without a trace near the end of their expedition, sparking a legendary enigma in the world of mountaineering: did they succeed in their ambitious ascent? Fast forward to 1993 in Kathmandu, where a Japanese photographer named Makoto Fukamichi stumbles upon an old camera in an antique shop, suspecting it once belonged to Mallory. However, the camera slips into the hands of a mysterious and rugged Japanese man known as 'Bikha Sanp,' who Fukamichi suspects might be the renowned mountaineer Jouji Habu, missing for years. Despite Fukamichi's attempts to communicate, Bikha Sanp remains tight-lipped and departs with the camera. Left with no other leads, Fukamichi resolves to uncover the secrets of Habu's past, embarking on a journey to Nepal. Determined to rewrite the narrative of mountaineering history, Fukamichi dives into the enigmatic life of the elusive climber. As he delves deeper into Habu's background, Fukamichi finds himself on a quest that will lead him to the pinnacle of the world—the summit of the gods.

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