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Saikyou Koibana

Saikyou Koibana


A collection of sexy short stories from some of Shogakukan's most popular authors. 1. Houkago Wedding (After School Wedding) - Shinjo Mayu Hana and her Husband, Ryuuki, are keeping a secret. You see, Ryuuki is living a double life. On one side he is a teacher at an all girls school; messy hair thick glasses and all. Then, on the other hand, he is a famous male model that make girls shriek at just one look at him. Can Hana and Ryuuki keep their secret while still keeping their love alive? 2. Platinum Talk - Doumoto Nao 3. Close Distance Love - Yamada Komomo 4. Until I Fall in Love - Yumachi Shin 5. In Love for 10 Years - Osakabe Mashin

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