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Sadistic Boy

Sadistic Boy


Story about Sarasa who is in conflicts with his very sadistic nature and his relationship with Kazunari. Vol. #1 Kyouhansha ni Kuchizuke wo Vol. #2 Yoru wo Hashiru Emono Vol. #3 Mezametara Soba ni Ite Sarasa is the head of the student council and the step-son of the principal. He is targeted for sadistic sex-play by one of his classmates. Kazunari, the vice-president of the student council, tries to protect Sarasa, but Sarasa tells him not to get involved. Kazunari doesn't listen, but the more he gets involved, the less he is certain - who is really the sadist, and who is the victim? Will Kazunari's love for Sarasa survive? Will Kazunari survive Sarasa's "love"?

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