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1-6. Mai FAVORITE (舞FAVORITE); Comic Hotmilk 2007 Vol.1-3, 2008 Vol.4-5, 12 Shoutarou inherits a mansion with unusual maids from his grandfather. Now he must choose which maid will be his exclusive attendant. (Trouble is, he's already very interested in one maid--while all the other maids are vying to be appointed his exclusive attendant...) 7. Shin Kon Sei Katsu (真・婚・性・活); Comic Hotmilk 2008-08 A young and high-in-desire sister-in-law is alone with her husband's brother. What will happened when both of them being alone in home for several days? Sex, that's what... 8-9. Kimi ni Yousei Hannou (キミに陽性反応); Comic Hotmilk 2008-10, kakioroshi It is Komine Kaori's responsibility as part of the Health Committee to help extract samples from the boys for the annual physical.

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