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In the shadows of Pompeii's ancient glory lies a forgotten tale of warriors. High schooler Keidai Saeki harbors the soul of Sirix, one such warrior, burdened with memories of a bygone era. Keidai conceals this truth at school, confiding only in his closest friend, Mii Serizawa, who, in a twist of fate, was once Loleus, Sirix's loyal companion. While Loleus harbored fraternal sentiments for Sirix, Serizawa now carries a deep love for Keidai, unbeknownst to him. Keidai, longing for his past wife Serena, remains oblivious to Serizawa's affections. However, their reunion is disrupted by the appearance of Yuuma Ujoh, Keidai's new neighbor and Serena's reincarnation, now infatuated with Serizawa. Caught in a web of memories and unspoken desires, Keidai must navigate between his past and a blossoming present, haunted by the choices of Sirix and the love that binds them all.

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