Hanma Baki

Hanma Baki


After years of intense training, Baki Hanma prepares to confront his father, Yuujirou, in a final showdown to claim the title of the strongest in the world. Challenging his father publicly, Baki embarks on further rigorous training by facing formidable opponents like the legendary bounty hunter Biscuit Olivia and the ancient warrior Pickle. Meanwhile, Yuujirou, known as the 'Ogre,' eagerly anticipates the battle, seeing Baki as a delectable challenge. Despite his disdain for his son, Yuujirou secretly hopes that Baki will prove to be a worthy adversary. As the father and son each come to grips with their own emotions and legacies, they edge closer to their ultimate confrontation to determine who truly holds the title of the 'World's Strongest.'

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