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Amai Kuchibiru

Amai Kuchibiru


1-4. Hirahira (ひらひら); Kairaku-ten 2002-07, 11, 2003-01, 05 5. Risou no Kareshi (理想の彼氏); Renai Taiken CANDYKISS Vol.7 6. 31℃ (31 Degrees Celsius); Manga Hotmilk 1995-08 A surprisingly upbeat story about two girls contemplating suicide. 7-8, 13. BUNNY'S ROAD ; Comic Mao 2000-08, Comic MegaCube Vol.19, omake Kurahashi is a Bunny Girl in the high-class nightclub Bunny's Road. She gets fed up with a bothersome customer and ends up taking matters into her own hands. Her higher up, the Bunny Leader, is not pleased with this. So the Bunny Leader decides it's time to re-train this wayward rabbit.... 9. Love made MAY BE Ato Chotto? (ラブまでMAY BE あとちょっと?); Manga Bangaichi 2003-04 10. Wild Fancy (ワイルドファンシー); Comic MegaPlus Vol.4 11. Amai Kuchibiru (あまいくちびる, Sweet Lips); Junai 2005-06 Natsumi has a secret she's keeping from her pretty best friend, Saki: she has a boyfriend--she can hardly believe it herself. She knows she must tell Saki soon. But how will Saki react when she learns what Natsumi's hid from her? 12. Kumo no Ito (くものいと); Junai 2005-08

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