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fantasy ยท hentai ยท horror

This is not an one-shot as it was previously believed. Game Over is a full book by Uziga Waita. As usual his stories contain heavy doses of violence, mutilation, rape and cannibalism. The stories are: 01. News 02. Mai-chan's Secret (This is the prototype for what eventually became "Mai-chan's Daily Life") 03. Mai-chan's Daily Life (The story of a 17 year old maid/slave who is immortal and has impressive regenerative properties) 04. Hao Chi Feng Jiao (The name is Chinese, and it means something like "Good Eats! Feng Jiao.) 05. Song Of The Dull Knife 06. Dining Table Banquet 07. Game Over 08. The Lawless Area Of Oz (A retelling of the classic story) 09. Jingle Bells 10. Guts Marin

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