D.Gray-man: Reverse

D.Gray-man: Reverse


• Chapter 1: 旅たちの聖職者(クラーヂマン) / The Travelling Clergyman Allen is en route to the Black Order's HQ and has arrived in England where he was born. He catches up with Mother, an old nun whom he and Cross stayed with after Mana died. Allen is asked to talk to a nurse who'd recently lost her lover. • Chapter 2: 魔女の棲む村 / The Village where the Witch Dwells Centers around Kanda Yuu • Chapter 3: バク.チャン狂想曲(カプリッチオ) / Bak Chan's Rhapsody (Capriccio) Centers around Bak Chan • Chapter 4: 1000の悲劇 / 1,000 Tragedies Centers around The Millenium Earl • Chapter 5: 四十九番目の名前 / The 49th Name Centers around Lavi and Doug • Chapter 6: 黒の教団親睦パーティー / Black Order's Reunion Party Centers around the Black Order

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