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Shin Gendai Ryoukiden

Shin Gendai Ryoukiden

hentai Β· horror

Several tales based upon true crimes, including the infamous "High School Girl in Concrete" based upon the case of Junko Furuta. 1-4. Shin Gendai Ryoukiden: Joshikousei Concrete-zume Satsujin Jiken (Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case) 5-6. Shin Gendai Ryoukiden: Konketsu Shounen Renzoku Satsujin Jiken 7. Shin Gendai Ryoukiden: Chuubu Ninpu Satsujin Jiken 8. Soko no Nikuhen ni Tsugu 9. Angel 10. Yume-iro Hamburger (Dreamy Hamburger Steak)

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