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Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes


Tatsuya Hibino has never forgotten his first love, Maria Misono... the beautiful half-British, half-Japanese girl with snowy white skin, shining golden hair, ripe breasts, and a pair of mysterious blue eyes. When Maria had to move away with her family, the young lovers made a secret pact to remain faithful to each other until her return. Now in high school, Maria returns to Tatsuya as a fully mature woman, fulfilling the promise they made to each other, and ready to consummate their love in ways they never could before... Included one-shots: Volume 1: Ace wa Goranchou (The Ace), After School Volume 2: Private Lesson Volume 3: Abunai Hokenshitsu (Dangerous Nurse's Office) Volume 4: Koi no Yukue (Destination of Love) Volume 7: Creamy MaMa Volume 8: Tender Smile Volume 9: Yureru Kimochi (That Swaying Feeling)

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