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Maid Yome

Maid Yome


1-5. Maid Yome (メイド嫁); Comic 0EX vol.1 ~ 4 (2007-12, 2008-01 ~ 03), kakioroshi An apartment neighbor cannot pay her rent so she offers to be a maid for a maid-fetish guy. Will he be able to reach his fetish-dream? 6-7. Shiromitsu Hime (白蜜姫); Comic Megaplus vol.45 2007-06 , kakioroshi 8-9. Sensei, Suketemasu!! (先生、透けてますっ!!); Comic Megaplus vol.43 2007-04 , kakioroshi 10-11. Otanatsu (おた夏); Comic Megaplus vol.47 2007-08 , kakioroshi When you force your otaku girlfriend to beach, you probably notice something different. 12-13. Gekidou no Oppai (激動のおっぱい); Comic 0EX vol.7 2008-06 , kakioroshi Why won't his girlfriend let him touch her breasts? 14-15. Kahenshiki Maid (可変式メイド); Comic Megaplus vol.39 2006-12 , kakioroshi

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