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Bi no Isu

Bi no Isu

action · drama

1. Bi no Isu (The Coercion Chair) Kabu and Nirasawa have a troubled relationship, to say the least. Harsh yakuza lifestyle, torture, and violent sex are everyday occurrences for the volatile couple. 2-3. Anya no Tsubute Sequel to Bi no Isu. 4. Tokage to Chutsugai Emiri is impotent, thanks to his trauma of being molested by his childhood friend, Fuyu. Years later, Emiri is finally seeking treatment for his condition, but why is Fuyu wearing that white coat?! And why is the nurse's skirt so short? 5. Seiritsu Shinai Asa (The Morning That Will Never Happen) What will happen years later when senpai and kouhai meet again? Is loving someone that frightening?

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