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Shoujo Material

Shoujo Material


1-2. 2/4 (Two Quarters); Comic Kairakuten 2004-04, 06 When Yoshida Chiaki transfers to a new school, she falls in love with Eri, except Eri is already dating her childhood friend Kazuhiko. So, Chiaki starts dating Eri's other childhood friend, Takashi, to get closer to Eri, and proposes a foursome between the two couples. 3. Hitai (ヒタイ, Forehead); 2002-12 Tanimura is a shy girl in love with Fujiki, so when he tells her that he likes hairstyles that show off the forehead, she takes the opportunity for a makeover. Except, her best friend has worn a similar hairstyle for a while... 4. Akaimizu (紅い水, Crimson Water); 2003-02 Kunou has a kidney disease, so he undergoes a dialysis treatment using an artificial human Aya, with whom he has a closer relationship, instead of a machine. Unfortunately, he cannot satisfy her due to his disease. So, when he is about to recieve a transplant kidney from Aya, he takes the opportunity to make a request. 5. Odoru Dai Kanransha (踊る大観覧車, Enticing Ferris Wheel); 2003-04 There is an urban legend that any couple that boards a certain ferris wheel will break up after riding it. Unfortunately for a certain couple, there some truth to it, As such, the boyfriend will have to gather his resolve without losing his wits if he wants to be able to stay by his girlfriend's side. 6. Scrambled Egg (スクランブルドエッグ); 2003-06 Kou and Noriko are having a fun time when suddenly Noriko lays an egg. This causes Kou to introspect and think about the truth of things. 7. U.F.O. ; 2003-12 A girl suddenly finds herself naked with a naked man aboard a u.f.o. as the only survivors of the planet Earth, but that's not the only surprise in store for her. Aliens aboard the ship want her to do what?! 8. Ashita no Watashi ni Yoroshiku (明日の私にヨロシク, Say Hello to the Tomorrow Me); 2008-01 Because of a car crash, Natsuko's memory resets at the end of every day. One day, Natsuko confides in Haruhiko that she suspects she's had sex the previous day, but she doesn't know who she's done it with?! 9-10. Kura (蔵, Storehouse); 2003-08, 09 Kousuke elopes with his house's maid to escape his engagement to his cousin. He returns only three years later, after his father has died, only to discover that cousin marriage isn't the only thing wrong with the household. 11. Misaki Made (岬まで, To the Cape); 2003-10 A man is on his way to the cape, but the chain on his bicycle broke. Thankfully, he comes across a lone house where a girl is milking a cow.

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