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Tsumibito no Kiss

Tsumibito no Kiss


A collection of one shots: 1) The Welcoming Fire During the O-bon festival, the ghost of Fuyuki's grandmother's brother's lover comes to visit, mistaking him to his lover. 2) The Sea Roar A son of a noble isn't allowed to go outside. Yearning for freedom, he falls in love with his sensei who can take him away to the ocean. 3) The Delicious Family Affair Keito comes to live with his father and brother after his mother passed away. (they were divorced) and father and brother must try their hardest to hide that they're gay! (and that they are attracted to their own son/brother!) 4) The Dragon Knight and The Prince Prince loves the tale of the Dragon Knight told by his butler, and goes for an adventure. A cute prince x butler story. 5) Sinner's Kiss Jan was thrown into jail as an offering to the “Blond Demon” Ruehl!! In the world of wardens and inmates, knight and prince, father and brothers, will the boy Jan find a home for his soul? Don’t miss this lustful, passionate love story between men. 6) Angel's Kiss Epilogue to Sinner's Kiss.

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