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Jigoku no Kisetsu: Gurolism Sengen

Jigoku no Kisetsu: Gurolism Sengen

hentai · horror

A compilation of short stories by various ero-guro artists. Each artist contributed one story except Shintaro Kago who did two (one in full colour). Front cover is by Uziga Waita. When All's Said And Done by Shintarou Kago (Shintaro Kago) This Piece Of Meat Is Talking (Death pays all Debts) by Uziga Waita (Waita Uziga) Overflowing Stomach by Horihone Saizou (Saizou Horihone) Chrysalis by Masato Tsukimori Rotten Bud by Mitsuka Hattori The Last Disposal Spot by Tataiko Ochi The Holes by Machino Henmaru (Henmaru Machino) Shameless Ranger by (Mokkori Five) by Asuka Shiraishi .M.D.K. (Mechanical Destructive Killcommand) by 華麗王女 Crowd of Shit-Sacks (Bunch of shit-bags) by Jun Hayami

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