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comedy Β· hentai

Ch.01: Nee-san to Boku (Beach Chapter) Ch.02: Aneki Keikaku (Project Big Sister) Tamaki is in love with his schoolmate Yukinose. Unfortunately, his older sister, Maki, will have none of that. She has been abusing him for years now, and she isn't about to let her toy be stolen by someone else. Ch.03-04: Neesan to Boku Tamaki and his older sister's, Maki's, relationship is akin to a dog and its owner. However, he bears with it since he considers the situation his fault. Ch.05: Mahiru's Nap Mahiru has a tendency to completely cut herself off from reality when daydreaming about her indecent escapades with her crush, the student council president Kirihara. Unfortunately, he has no interest in love. Will the apparently legenedary succubus bloomers gifted to her by her friend help bridge the distance between them? Ch.06: Oasis Narcissistic male swim instructor pursues busty female swim instructor. Beware the goblin! Ch.07: No ni Saku Shirube (A Sign That Blooms in Wildness) Student follows her professor to a remote onsen only for the course credit. Ch.08: Sister Bowl When Hina hears on the TV that a meteorite will impact Earth in three months, she goes on a mad scramble to find romance before her time is up. Unfortunately, every single guy she asks out rejects her, unpertrubed by the supposedly incoming doom. Ch.09: Recreation Plan Risa-sensei is having a great time teaching at a private boys' school. Her only worry after leaving a boy's apartment the next morning is getting caught. When the elevator arrives another of her students, Sinichirou is already in it. Then the elevator jams and it looks like they're stuck. More than an hour passes and then... Ch.10: Nagisa Concerto Just as things were seeming to go well, Kakeru gambles away large amounts of money, driving his cafe to the brink of bankruptcy. To preserve it, his sister and girlfriend now have to work the cafe in swimsuits. To add insult to injury, he is not about to let them work in peace.

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