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Aneki... My Sweet Elder Sister

Aneki... My Sweet Elder Sister


Compilation of Hentai short-stories similar to Daisuki Dayo. 1, 2. Saki-senpai (æ—©çŽ€ć…ˆèŒ©) Takumi has a crush on Saki, an upperclassman who used to ride on the same bus as him. When she starts talking to him, he is shy at first, but he slowly gains courage and confidence through their interactions. 3. Impudent Little Cat (ăȘăŸă„ăăȘćƒăƒ“çŒ«) Since Hashimoto was found in the girls' locker room by Yayoi, an underclassman who is in the cheerleading club, after accidentally walking in, he has become her plaything. If only she would at least let him ejaculate. 4. Slovenly Big Sister (ă‚șăƒœăƒ©ăȘ槉èČŽ) Living alone with only an older sister who is careless with her appearence at home is a hell for a high school boy. How long will he be able to endure seeing a beautiful older girl prance around half-naked and walking into his bed drunk? 5. Press That Annoying Chick (りザむあい぀む) Masato just wants to study, but his tutor, Sanae, keeps disturbing him by asking to have sex with him. Unfortunately for her, he has zero interest in her. That is, only until she takes off her slacks, allowing Masato to gaze upon her thick thighs. 6. Longing for Ritsuko Sensei (æ†§ă‚ŒăźćŸ‹ć­ć…ˆç”Ÿ) When Yamaguchi loses a bet on his time at a swim meet, he is forced to take a picture of Ritsko, the swimming club advisor and his crush. 7. Sister... (槉さん。。。) Lately, Mamoru's older sister Yuki has been distant and has not been eating properly. However, he is in love with her, so much so that he masturbates using her underwear in her room. 8. A Flower on the Peak (ă‚żă‚«ăƒăźăƒăƒŠ) Kouta is a clerk at a convenience market, simply fantasizing about a hot older woman currently shopping there. When she asks him if she can use the restroom, he can't help but imagine her masturbating there. It appears but a fantasy, but when he checks the restroom, he finds something Kanako forgot there.

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