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1. Shoujo Yuugi (ε°‘ε₯³ιŠζˆ―, Maiden Play) A girl who gets turned on whenever she is in the girls' dorm is caught masturbating by her junior Hitomi, so she asks to see Hitomi naked in return. 2. Doki Doki LOOSER SISTER (ドキドキLOOSER SISTER) When Megu is asked to dispose of some porn by Miku, her friend and fellow library committee member, she feels it to be waste to just throw it away, so she takes it home where she uses it. Now a bit hooked on how good it feels, her an escapade leads her to see something she shouldn't, and yet she can't tear her eyes away. 3. Namonai Hi - simply wonderful (名も焑いζ—₯~simply wonderful~, A Nameless Day - simply wonderful -) It's a beautiful August day, and a couple are enjoying each other on top of a remote stairway in their school before their extra lessons start in the afternoon. 4. CRAVING OF A Gene Saeko, a middle school teacher, is pregnant. All her students are congratulating her, but after one calls her, she suddenly goes to have sex with her husband. He is confused but happy; after all, their marriage is going well, and they are on great terms. But is truly evetything as it appears? 5. GEMINi Misaki found a weird video tape in her home, on which she is happily having a gang bang. She couldn't stand watching it until the end, and she is now really scared, so she goes to consult with Toono, her senior. However, when they return to their homes after the meeting, each of them finds a red tape. 6. cruel A successful lawyer is ambushed by a band of criminals he convicted ten years ago. Back then he, his wife, and the band robbed a bank, but then the couple betrayed the rest, sending them to prison. Now that they have served their time, the ex-convicts are out for revenge. They have decided that the lawyer's two daughters are guilty, and that the two of them will pay for the ten lost years with their bodies. 7. after Makie is called out by her senior, her first and former girlfriend, after swimming practice. They haven't talked since the senior got herself a boyfriend, but Makie is happy and doesn't stop her ex's sudden advances. Unfortunately, the ex has something else in mind than Makie is expecting, apparently because she doesn't get horny when on period. 8. NATIVE HEART Takato's dad is a scholar who travels all over the world, When he was younger, Takato used to travel with him, but now he stays in Japan. He is lonely living all alone, but then he one day wakes up to see Lulu next to him, a girl from the Kifui tribe who was his first love. 9. predation 10. birth-day 11. Yume to Kusari to... (ε€’γ¨ιŽ–γ¨β€¦) 12. NORMAL BLOOD

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