Gekiryuuchi: OVER BLEED

Gekiryuuchi: OVER BLEED


Kei, tormented by daily bullying, finds solace only in his childhood friend Akira. Tired of the relentless torment, Kei chooses a path of escape through a pact with Akira to end their lives. However, fate takes an unexpected turn when Kei survives the suicide attempt alone, with Akira vanishing without a trace. A year later, the fallout from their video going viral leads Kei to stumble upon Over Bleed, an underground street fighting platform. To Kei's astonishment, a fighter named Bunen bears a striking resemblance to Akira. Driven by hope, Kei dives into the brutal world of street fights, braving formidable opponents in his quest for a chance at reuniting with his lost friend. The journey is fraught with challenges that will push Kei to his physical and emotional limits.

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