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A collection of short stories. 1. Cheer de V! Hiroki and Kanna are childhood friends, but they are not on the best of terms since Hiroki is hopeless in many aspects, such as always eating his lunch during lessons and then begging Kanna for something to eat, while Kanna is a violent tsundere. Nevertheless, they don't dislike each other, so Kanna's friends propose that she uses the new cheerleading uniform to set the relationship on the right track. 2. Cheers of Love Since Hiroki has been relying on the lunches Kanna prepares for him, he feels like their relationship is unbalanced, so he decides to ask her about what she likes. 3. Twin Love Hurricane Ever since Yasuyuki told Momiji, a health comittee member, that she is bad at applying bandages and that she is clumsy, she and her twin, Kaede, have been forcefully dragging him to help them practice. However, they have made no progress, so Yasayuki keeps on ending up tangled, which is making him frustrated. Thankfully, it seems the twins don't simply think of him as just a test subject, so there may yet be hope that he gets out of this predicament. 4. Koi Moyou Amenochi Hare (The Calm After The Rain Is Like Love) Asada walks from school along an embarkment where Takagi does running practice. Seeing him work so hard, she became curious about his reason, and eventually fell in love. 5. Renai H Moyou (In Love Let's Do It) Asada has a dream about having sex with Takagi. 6. Heart to Heart Yuusuke is in love with Okuno, his classmate who is always bright, cheerful, and boisterous. Unfortunately, he is really shy, so he can only admire her from afar. Even when he ended up sitting in the seat next to her, the most he is able to do is to stare at her during lessons. However, when a series of events leads him to visit her house, will their relationship still remain unchanged? 7. Toshiue no Kanojo (Senior Girl) Shou is a first-year who often comes to help the student council, which earned him a moniker of 'little helper'. He hates this to his very core since he feels that those who call him names like that are mocking his girlfriend, the student council president, Mizuki. However, when she too calls him cute, he decides that he'd like to be the one in charge, and so he makes Mizuki give him a boobjob, never mind that she usually does that for him anyway. 8. Toshishita Revenge! (Junior's Revenge) Shou finally gets the chance dominant. 9. Smile Jealousy!! Seiji has been going out with Maki, his childhood friend, since middle school, but lately he has noticed that she smiles at everyone. This is making him jealous, but he doesn't want to appear childish, so he keeps it to himself. Instead, he has an outburst when Maki asks him what's wrong, and then skips class to sulk. Only when Maki skips too in search of him are they able to resolve the issue with a heart-to-heart. 10. Teach Me Love After Hiiragi, the cheerleading club advisor, was once again beaten up by Kanna for being inappropriate, she wakes up in the infirmary, being tended to by Usui, the soccer club advisor. Being still agitated, she voices out her frustrations at Usui not taking further steps to advance their relationship even though they have been dating for a while.

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