Waga Tousou

Waga Tousou


In the heart of fervent cheers chanting 'Heil Hitler,' Germany's renowned leader, Adolf Hitler, addresses the nation. Guiding the country through remarkable progress after the scars of World War I, Germany emerges as a formidable military force under his rule. Amidst emphasizing the German national spirit's significance, Hitler also issues a stern warning against the perceived Jewish threat. Concluding his speech with a raised arm salute, he exudes confidence in leaving an indelible mark on history. Hitler's early years in a modest Austrian town shaped his deep-rooted nationalism, met with conflicting parental reactions to his artistic leanings—stern disapproval from his father and unwavering support from his mother. Despite the stoicism over his father's passing, the loss of his mother leaves him shattered. Facing rejection from a Vienna art school, Hitler's subsequent struggle on the streets exposes him to antisemitism, a belief he eventually embraces. Evolving into a magnetic figure, he embarks on a transformative journey, becoming a pivotal force that reshapes global dynamics and alters the course of time.

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